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Cobinhood has partnered with MoxyOne as an exchange partner to list SPEND at the end of the token sale.


Enhance the use of cryptocurrencies with MoxyOne. Flexible and convenient features such as debit card, wallet system and virtual debit card, encourage easy purchases both within company ecosystems and through real-world merchants worldwide. White-label ready, MoxyOne works brilliantly with your company’s existing ecosystem.

Whitelabel MoxyOne Debit Card

Branded Debit Cards

White label a MoxyOne debit card and wallet for your own cryptocurrency.

SPEND Tokens

SPEND Tokens

Enjoy negligible fees and reward points as a SPEND token holder.

Liquidy Providers

Liquidity Providers

Supply fiat to any user in their local currency.

MoxyOne Wallet


Use the debit card for all your everyday purchases.



Find the best performing cryptocurrency at the best value when you’re ready to purchase.

Multiple Tokens

Multiple Tokens

Use all major cryptocurrencies in the wallet and debit card.

MoxyOne Dashboard


Manage accounts, transactions, statistics and access rewards points all from here.

MoxyOne Exchange Partners

Exchange Listings

With Cobinhood already on board, our dedicated exchange listing consultant will finalise more shortly after the token sale concludes.

MoxyOne Partners


Become a partner to issue your own debit card or wallet using the MoxyOne white label.

Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain Solutions

Network solutions and security by Raiden Network & Gladius.

Instant Fiat

Instant Fiat

Seamless and secure conversion of tokens to fiat is our promise to you.

Global Access

Global Access

Discover global availability through our partners and liquidity providers.


Our partners who will be offering branded cards to their token holders.

  • Sociall is a secure and private decentralised social network with an integrated ad platform and marketplace that utilises its native cryptocurrency, SCL. Sociall will be white labelling the MoxyOne infrastructure to issue their own custom debit card for SCL token holders.
  • eBitcoin will offer their users with a payment system on the eBitcoin Ecosystem. MoxyOne will provide the infrastructure to expedite their pre-existing wallet system to completion. Alongside our white label partnership, eBitcoin has been expanding its ecosystem to include MoxyOne as its global Awareness Partner.
  • Invox Finance is a decentralised invoice financing solution with a peer-to-peer invoice lending platform. As a Partner Company, Invox Finance will be white-labelling the MoxyOne system and be able to co-brand it as Invox Finance’s debit card system for its Trusted Member Program.
  • FLUX is a unique global gaming platform that unites all parts of gaming industry ecosystem. FLUX will use the MoxyOne infrastructure to expand the gaming network, making it easy to spend. FLUX tokens in gaming related shops as well as to integrate it as a payment network for a tournament or series.


According to a rapidly growing group of ICO experts.


Track our moves as we implement all of the MoxyOne features.

meet our team

A company is only as extraordinary as its people.

Mo Abbas

Mo Abbas

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Mo has been working as a backend developer with Microsoft technologies for decades. His experience varies from online stock market platforms to fully integrated custom CRM systems. Mo’s recent experience includes Solidity development and smart contracts with Ethereum. His interest now lies within blockchain development and payment solutions.

Tanshul Kumar

Tanshul Kumar

Co-Founder & Lead Front End Developer

Javascript expert and Angular professional Tanshul has been a front end web developer for more than 12 years. His areas of expertise include web development, programming and marketing. His experience ranges from large telecommunication companies such as Vodafone to large financial and comprehensive online stock market directories. He has since pivoted toward blockchain technologies.

Benjamin Gale

Bennett Gale

Web Developer

Ben is a computer science undergraduate with three years’ IT experience in the financial industry. His interests lie primarily in data science, machine learning and blockchain technologies.

Shivangni Singh

Shivangni Singh

Marketing & Research

Shivangni is a multi-talented member of the MoxyOne team. She has played a key role in the copy writing and design of MoxyOne including the website, social media and whitepaper. With a BA in Psychology, Shivangni continues to add value to the team with her insightful approach to end-user solutions.

Rick Kennerknecht

Rick Kennerknecht

Exchange Listing Consultant

Exchange listings expert Rick has many contacts within the industry, assisting with successful exchange listings for multiple cryptocurrencies. We believe that Rick is well and truly up to the task of getting SPEND tokens listed on exchanges both big and small, much faster than most, and as soon as the token sale completes.

Samer Abbas

Samer Abbas

Business Development Consultant

Samer has over a decade of experience in business development with multinational companies in Malaysia, Bahrain, Lebanon and Dubai. Samer assists MoxyOne with strategic planning, market analysis, sales approaches and commercial proposals.

Chelsey Singh

Chelsey Singh

Director of Communications

Chelsey is the co-owner and manager of Runners Errand Services, an award-winning company established in 2010. She will be a part of the MoxyOne team as the director of communications and will help with the running of day-to-day business tasks with her wealth of experience in customer relations.

Wanda Kaddour

Wanda Kaddour

Customer Support

Wanda is the powerhouse that takes charge of all customer support queries. Her insightful nature and bubbly personality makes Wanda a valuable asset to the MoxyOne team. She works tirelessly to organise and keep everything on track.

Jade Mulholland

Jade Mulholland

Business & Technical Advisor
Founder of Sociall

Jade is the founder and developer of Sociall (SCL), a secure and private decentralised social network that utilises cryptocurrency payments through its integrated marketplace and ad platform. He and his team are now working on a new version of the platform and plan on integrating MoxyOne infrastructure and APIs for their users. Jade is also a primary key holder for our company's multi-sig wallet.

Frank Bonnet

Frank Bonnet

Blockchain & Technical Advisor
Founder & CTO of DCORP

Founder and Developer of Dcorp, having advised several other successful ICOs, Frank Bonnet comes with nine years’ experience designing and building countless enterprises’ NET applications. With a deep understanding of Solidity and smart contract development on the Ethereum blockchain, he is an essential advisor to our team. Frank has a business view with a developer’s expertise.

Mike Balagna

Mike Balagna

Marketing Communications Advisor

Insightful and multi-talented, Mike has been given shape to many innovative marketing ideas. A PR professional who served as Marketing and Communications Manager for Dcorp, he brings value to MoxyOne from multiple angles. He’s advised and managed in several projects in the blockchain space and played a strong role in many successful ICOs.

Hansco Leek

Hansco Leek

Operations Advisor
Service Manager of DCORP

Early Bitcoin adopter and investor, currently investing in Ether among others. Successful stockbroker, entrepreneur and business owner. Hans has had great success trading and speculating on many markets. A co-founder of Dcorp, and a valued advisor of several successful Fintech projects and ICOs, he is a strong supporter of MoxyOne and advises our team from multiple directions.

Ian Scarffe

Ian Scarffe

Blockchain ICO Advisor & Consultant
Expert at ICObench

Ian Scarffe is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience around the world. A leading expert in Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, Ian is at the very heart of revolutionizing the financing industry across the globe and currently consults and advises for a range of multi-million dollar companies.

Mo Hamdouna

Mo Hamdouna

Creative & Marketing Advisor
Creative Director at Mo Works

Mo is a co-founder of the Australian ICO Marketing Agency, Mo Works. He has lead many successful ICO marketing campaigns for successful and reputable cryptocurrency and blockchain projects worldwide. Mo and Mo Works will be working alongside MoxyOne during the token sale and beyond.


By reputable providers and companies at the forefront of the industry.


Smart Contract Security Audit
  • Hosho Group are global leaders in blockchain security. They have audited MoxyOne's smart contracts to ensure the code behaves as intended and is free of security flaws. This is part of our commitment to protecting your security in the token sale.


Security And Payments Channel

Technological Partner

Crowd AI with Ethereum and IPFS
  • Wings is a decentralised application for Blockchain-based evaluation, funding and early adopter engagement. The Wings community evaluated our project and forecasted our token sale to raise more than US$18.3 million.

Business Partner

Blockchain Advice and Consultation
  • DCORP is autonomous, decentralized and democratic. An organization that exists on blockchain as a series of smart-contracts. DCORP assists in Solidity development and advice on the Ethereum blockchain, along with assistance throughout our token sale.

Scam Prevention

Send Crypto with Confidence
  • MoxyOne uses Clearify to prevent scams and phishing attempts. Simply copy our token sale contribution address from the dashboard and paste it on their website to verify that you are sending it to our verified address and not a potential scammer.

PR & Marketing Partners

Media, Business Relations & Marketing
  • Innowire Advisory is a reputable company operating in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. They assist with media relations, business advisory and community building.
  • Mo Works is an ICO marketing agency located in Melbourne with hands wrapped around the globe. MoxyOne has partnered with Mo Works to assist with our marketing throughout the token sale and beyond.

Frequently asked questions

MoxyOne is an easy to use financial infrastructure that can be white labelled by any company, ICO or project that issues cryptocurrency tokens.
By using the company issued debit card, virtual card or wallet, token holders will be able to make use of their tokens for everyday purchases.

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